1. General Information - Paper-Help.org has developed the following privacy statement in order to underscore our strong commitment to privacy and the confidentiality of all our transactions with our client. The clauses her are subject to updates from time to time, but this policy does govern issues of confidentiality in regard to all of the writing services – essay, term paper, course work assignment, dissertation, editing and proofreading services – that are available on Paper-Help.org’s website.
  2. Personal Information - On Paper-Help.org’s website, there are forms such as registration forms, order forms, and so forth which require users and clients to enter personal information (e.g. name, background, email address), financial information (bank account details, credit card numbers) as well as demographic information (home address, age and so forth). This data is recorded in our database for use in your transactions with us, not only presently but also in the event of return transactions.
  3. Security - The database that contains your personal information is kept in a very secure environment using the best encryption technologies to assure your privacy. Only select individuals from our company are allowed to access this information and not all are authorized to read it in its entirety. This allows for the correct use of this information and prevents unauthorized access. Our clients also have the option to remove their information from our database in the event that they no longer require our writing services. Using a specific link provided in your personal account, you can change and update your personal profile or choose to delete it from our server permanently.
  4. How we Use your Personal Data - Paper-Help.org does not provide information to any third parties. Your personal information allows us to provide services that will be 100% satisfactory. This way each essay, term paper, coursework, dissertation, editing and proofreading project is delivered quickly and uniquely tailored to your requirements. In addition, your information allows us to provide you significantly better customer support in your transactions with us.

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